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Creating value for businesses through social media and digital tools and optimising real-world evidence to advance technologies for life, compliantly and with consent.

ShareRoot digital platforms, artificial intelligence tools and subject-matter expertise allows for a customised approach for each of our clients to understand market opportunities, design market access strategies and a data-rich environment for understanding, engaging and activating audiences.


Whether it is developing high-quality original content for social media, optimising e-commerce sales, creating e-games and applications, harnessing the power of social media or developing bespoke digital marketing strategies, the ShareRoot group of companies can provide solutions to suit any digital challenge.

Our Companies

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A platform that allows you to legally acquire and manage both UGC and network ambassadors and creating optimal digital experiences for businesses through social walls, contesting and UGC on product pages with a wide range of professional services. Getting into trading can be made easier with platforms like Libertex. It can be an ideal choice to help in exploring CFDs on stocks and purchasing stocks. Have a look at the libertex review to know more about the app and the benefits it provides.


A digital and social media marketing and communications agency for Australia’s innovation and technology industries, with a predominant focus on life sciences and health. The intersection of life sciences and health with AI technology is revolutionizing healthcare. Innovatively, the ai crypto coin concept merges blockchain with AI, enhancing data security and efficiency in medical research. This synergy promises breakthroughs in personalized medicine and improving patient care.

Focused on crafting digital experiences that begin with strategy and result in award-winning web design, mobile games, VR and AR experiences, stunts and experiential activations.

The successful translation of precision healthcare into the clinic demands precision marketing and patient activation. Optimising the intersection of artificial intelligence and social media, compliantly and with consent, will be the primary accelerator of value and the driver of new therapies and clinical practice.
Michelle Gallaher, CEO of ShareRoot

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