About Us

ShareRoot was co-founded by Marc and Noah in February 2013. It all began in Marc’s backyard – where they initially focused helping brands advertise on Pinterest. As a participant of 500 Startups Batch 8, the company gained strong initial traction. However, they saw a larger issue in the market outside. Retreating into hibernation, ShareRoot emerged in December 2014 with its current offering – a UGC marketing and relationship platform.

At ShareRoot, we believe in the power of the team: that the sum is greater than any one part. We believe in taking breaks to shoot hoops, stretch outdoors, and come up with ridiculous nicknames for one another. We find that being supportive, adaptable, and possessing an enormous amount of hustle not only propels our team forward, but provides for a first class working environment. 

Board of Directors

Noah Abelson

Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Abelson is responsible for executing ShareRoot’s strategic development plan. Mr. Abelson has previous management experience in new products and has launched a vitamin supplement company. Mr. Abelson worked in the Facebook advertising space as the person tasked with launching AdParlor’s (one of Facebook’s largest Ads API partners) US presence and generating over 3.1million USD in a single quarter. This experience enabled Mr. Abelson to develop numerous contacts within the social landscape as well as a deep understanding of what it takes and how to build strong and lasting professional relationships. Mr. Abelson holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Maryland.

Marc Angelone

Executive Director and Chief Technical Officer

Mr. Angelone is responsible for leading and supporting a development team with frontend, back-end, and mobile projects. Mr. Angelone is also charged with the architecture, design, and overall specifications of the ShareRoot platform. Mr. Angelone has previous experience regarding the transition from a private company to a public. Mr. Angelone was a Mobile Software Developer at Millennial Media where he was a Lead Developer as the company went through an IPO on the NYSE. Mr. Angelone has also developed numerous applications for iPhone and Android as Owner of Symbiotic Software LLC including the development of a Cruelty-Free iPhone app for leapingbunny.org that resulted in hundreds of thousands of downloads for the organisation Mr. Angelone has a proven track record of developing products that work as well as managing and leading teams that will generate results. Mr. Angelone holds a Masters of Science in Computer Science from Drexel University.

Andrew Bursill

Company Secretary

Since commencing his career as an outsourced CFO and Company Secretary in 1998, Mr. Bursill has been CFO, Company Secretary and/or Director for numerous ASX listed, unlisted public and private companies, in a range of industries covering mineral exploration, oil and gas exploration, biotechnology, technology, medical devices, retail, venture capital and wine manufacture and distribution. In addition to his role at ShareRoot Limited, Mr Bursill is currently a Director of the following listed companies: Argonaut Resources Limited. Mr. Andrew Bursill holds a Bachelor of Agricultural Economics from the University of Sydney and is a Chartered Accountant, qualifying with PricewaterhouseCoopers (formerly Price Waterhouse).

Lee Rodne


Lee Rodne has over 20 years of senior leadership experience in technology, medical devices, biotech, mining and clean-tech sectors in North America, the UK and Australia. Lee has been in Executive leadership roles in both public and private enterprises and has strong experience in building global companies from a low base and expertise in business development, strategic management, M&A, Capital Raisings, sales and commercializing new technology based initiatives. Lee holds an MBA from the University of St. Thomas, Minnesota and a B.A. degree in Business Management from St. John’s University, Minnesota.

Peter McLennan

Non-executive Director

Peter McLennan has over 20 years experience in financial services and technology in Australia and the UK working for some of worlds leading companies in those sectors. Peter was the founder of FitzRoy Capital which is a life sciences, technology and agriculture corporate financial advisory business. He is currently a Partner at WG Partners a life sciences sector specialist financial advisor. In 2010 Peter was a founding shareholder in York Potash now Sirius Minerals which is now a FTSE250 company. Previously he was a Principle at investment bank Piper Jaffray in London. Peter commenced his career at IBM, eventually taking leadership roles in managing some of IBM’s largest clients in Europe and Australia.










Tatiana Hudym

Test Manager

I adhere to the policy that good looks and good banter are not mutually exclusive.

Bohdan Didukh

Senior Software Engineer

I enjoy late night Skype calls and animating still objects.

Elena Dopiro

VP Product Management

I’m a simple person, I enjoy three things in life: tango, tango, and more tango.

Shane Lewis

VP Sales and Partnerships

I’m like Jon Snow except that I know everything.

Natalia Maksymchuk

Senior UI/UX Designer

Just because the answer is wrong doesn’t mean that I am not right.

Maxim Voloshin

Senior Software Engineer

Currently training my daughter to be a world class boxer, and work at ShareRoot.

Mara Lu Herrera Cohen

Business Operations Manager

My motto – “A day without laughter is a day wasted”. I often apply it on an hourly basis.

Julie Marta Roots

Customer Support

I love solving clients problems! I wish they had more of them! Oh, did I actually say that?!?


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