Rise Above the Competition With Earned Media

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UGC, earned media

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The marketing and advertising agency is a crowded, competitive, and evolving market. So how does one rise above the rest? The answer is earned media. It positions you as bold, innovative, and consumer-focused. This...

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Why UGC Video Ads are Better Than Traditional Ads

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ugc engagement, ugc advertising


A fork in the advertising road

Advertisers today stand at an important crossroad — to continue churning out the same ol’ proven methods, safe, tried and trusted, or to adapt to our evolving media landscape with new techniques and best practices....

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5 of the Best User Generated Content Ideas We've Seen

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User Generated Content


What industries are using UGC?

The incorporation of UGC as marketing strategy has permeated most industries today as the buyer now has more control over what content they consume. As younger consumers begin to form their own entertainment...

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Increase Product Page Engagement With User Generated Content

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UGC, product page

Photo Credit: Shunsuke Miyatake

Marketer: “Magic 8 Ball, will UGC inspire more engagement on my company’s product pages?”

Magic 8 Ball: “All signs point to yes.”

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Implement Social Selling with UGC Solutions

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UGC, Social Selling

Photo Credit: @tsgcharlotte

The shopping experience and purchase behavior for millennials has shifted dramatically since the explosion of social media. Most products that consumers would normally find in a local shopping mall are now advertised...

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4 Tips for how to legally advertise with UGC

Photo Credit: @natalia_marso_m

User-generated content (UGC) is the hottest new marketing and advertising trend for brands with a social media-savvy audience. There’s good reason too. UGC-based ads get 4x higher click-through rates and a 50% drop...

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How to build brand awareness with user generated photos

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UGC, Brand Awareness


Photo Credit: @mairenadre

Marketing and branding leaders are in the midst of a revolution. The rise of social media, user generated content, and product reviews are empowering customers to mold a company’s brand, whether the brand likes it or...

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Top 4 User Generated Content Trends

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User Generated Content, UGC, Trends


Photo Credit: @kedardatta

It’s time to call for the death of the stock image. Marketers are learning that today’s consumers crave authenticity and no longer approve of stuffy stock images or overly produced photo shoots when shopping for...

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How to Navigate UGC Laws & Regulations for Marketing Success

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Content Marketing, Laws


The rise of user generated content (UGC) is turning traditional marketing and advertising on its head. UGC is any form of content (photos and videos specifically) created and shared by real people on social media. The way consumers make buying...

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UGC is the new review

By Ben Miller

Content Marketing


You’ve heard the saying “a picture is worth a 1,000 words”, right? In today’s increasingly visual world, that saying is truer than ever. Today’s consumer is accustomed to spending time online almost all day long. From their cell phone in the...

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