DIY Promoted Pins
June 5, 2014

Jason Costa via Pinterest


Pinterest released a statement today announcing the arrival of a cost-per-click (CPC) based Promoted Pins tool that will allow for businesses to promote their pins to reach more people and ultimately get more visits back to their website. The immediate reaction is that this is a game-changer. However, at ShareRoot, this is something that we have been preparing for and expecting for some time now. So, what does this mean for brands and businesses going forward?

Right off the bat this means that as a brand you can take the pins that you pinned on Pinterest, put money behind them and promote them across the Pinterest ecosystem. This is the first real chance for businesses to choose a broader audience to reach with their message on Pinterest. With this ability, brands will be able to attract new followers and garner more pins and content impressions.

At ShareRoot this news brings about an exciting time for our company. We have been looking forward to this official announcement for quite some time and are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to dive in and take the knowledge and know-how that we have developed from driving engagement to Pinterest with off-site campaigns, and apply it to the native advertising landscape.

Pinterest is an ideal space for people to explore, discover, and plan, around things in their life that are geared towards enriching their experience. By rolling out the CPC based Promoted Pins tool, Pinterest will allow for brands to reach those users with content that is both relevant and helpful. Being able to link these pins back to the brand’s website will not only help brands, but will also allow for Pinners to obtain the information they are looking for in a much more seamless and simple manner.

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