Introducing ShareRoot’s Free Pinterest Toolset
October 4, 2013


Before we dive into the ShareRoot ToolSet, if you haven’t had the chance to read Ekaterina Walter’s latest post entitled "The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest for Every Brand: Engage and Flourish" click here. Ekaterina references ShareRoot’s numerous free tools that help brands with cross-promotional efforts. What I am going to do in this post is take a deep dive into each free tool, and how it can be helpful for your brand on Pinterest.

The first tool I’m going to talk about is the Follower Analysis tool. What this tool does is allow a brand to look at metrics including Total Followers, Page Followers, Average Board Followers, and Follower Saturation. The page does a good job of defining each metric, and what I will do here is describe what each metric means for your brand. The main metric provided with this tool is Follower Saturation. This metric tells you how many of your followers are actually followers of your brands page versus those that just follow a board that is on your page. The higher your Follower Saturation percentage, the more of your total followers are page followers.  A high follower saturation means that any time your brand pins to any board, more of your followers are seeing the pin. As a brand, if you are achieving a low Follower Saturation percentage, it will require more planning and execution in order to have your pins reach your target audience.

Luckily enough, one of the other free tools that ShareRoot has created is a Cross-Promotional Pin Creator. This tool is extremely useful for those brands that might not have as high a Follower Saturation as they would like, because what it allows a brand to do is engage followers of one board to become followers of another. So for example, take a brand like Nordstrom that has a single board with over four million followers, and a Follower Saturation of only 3%. With this Cross-Promotional Pin Creator, Nordstrom could drive all four million followers of their Garden Wedding Ideas board, to other boards on their page, and thus be able to engage with followers across multiple boards instead of just one.

The next stop on our tour of the free ShareRoot ToolSet is the Pin Velocity tool. This tool is perfect for brands that are curious to know how often they should be pinning. Pin Velocity is a measurement of how many pins per week a brand is making. By monitoring Pin Velocity alongside engagement numbers, a brand can determine at what velocity they are achieving maximum engagement amongst their followers. For example, too high of a Pin Velocity matched with low engagement metrics might mean that your brand needs to reduce how often it pins.

The next tool that ShareRoot has released is a Board Cover Creator. Board Covers are the first thing people see when they visit your Pinterest page, therefore, utilizing a Board Creation Creator such as the one we have at ShareRoot, will help your page stand out and grab a Pinner’s attention. We have gone ahead and used the tool to create board covers for each of our boards, feel free to check them out here:

Our final free tool allows you to install a Pinterest Tab on your Facebook page. As a brand you have probably invested a good amount of time into garnering your Facebook follower base. This sleek tool helps your brand convert your Facebook fans into Pinterest followers..

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