Pin Velocity: The Pinterest Speedometer
February 21, 2013

Timo Newton-Syms via Flickr


The goal of any brand on Pinterest should be to engage with its followers and eventually turn that engagement into tangible revenue from those followers. Most engagement on Pinterest happens in the news feed, so it is ESSENTIAL to get your pinning velocity just right.

If you have read our earlier post on the importance of second degree followers, you will remember that we at ShareRoot will provide a complimentary competitor engagement report for your brand at your request. Pin velocity, is another measurement that we provide with this report. So when we talk about pinning velocity, what we are talking about is a measurement, on average, of how many pins your brand makes per week. It is important to use pin velocity to measure and find the sweet spot of how many pins is enough and we have typically seen successful pages pinning anywhere between 15-75 (placeholder) pins per week.

What ShareRoot has found is that it is extremely important to find your groove with your brand’s pin velocity. If you pin too much, and have too high of a velocity, you run the risk of annoying followers and having them skip your pins. There is also even the potential risk of having them unfollow your boards. However, at the other end of the spectrum, if you don’t pin enough, you run the risk of missing when your followers are on Pinterest, and thus the pins you post are gathering little to no engagement due to them not being seen.

In a competitor engagement report that we did for ClosetMaid, we will take a look at ClosetMaid and California Closets. We will examine, through pin velocity, why ClosetMaid has done a better job on Pinterest than California Closets has.

Metrics and Velocity

If you take a look at ClosetMaid its pin velocity is 16.154, which fits nicely into the sweet spot that we listed above. California Closets on the other hand has a pin velocity that is outside the zone, at 7.5. That means that California Closets is pinning to their Pinterest boards on average somewhere between seven and eight pins a week compared to the roughly 16 pins that ClosetMaid is.

We can see the effect that these two different strategies has on the respective brands by taking a look at how each brand’s followers engage with the brand on the page. Even with a significantly smaller follower base, ClosetMaid has a great follower engagement rate of 2.94%, whereas California Closets is only receiving a follower engagement of 0.71%. We know how important second degree followers are, but even with having roughly 30% the second degree followers that California Closets does, ClosetMaid has been able to establish almost the same reach, meaning their pins are being seen by almost the same amount of Pinterest users.

So while it is important for a brand to be active and engaging on Pinterest, it is essential to find what your brands ideal pin velocity is. By finding your ideal pin velocity, you can drive that Pinterest engagement into revenue for your brand.

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