Rich Pins Series Part I – Place Pins
March 31, 2014

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Pinterest is the ultimate social media site for when it comes to planning. This could be planning a room, a wedding, your next meal, or even a future trip. As a brand, and more specifically as a brand in the travel industry, Place Pins are a fantastic way to engage with Pinners and help them plan out their perfect trip.

Place Pins allow for a board to be created where pinners can pin an image and input geographically where that Pin is located. This pin then appears on a map (see example below). Now how can that be useful to a brand or even a Pinner? Let’s start by looking at how this will help a brand.

Place Pin

As a brand in the travel industry, what you could do is create Pinterest boards that covered possible trips that pinners could go on. For example, we recently wrapped up a campaign for a client that dealt with tourism in Ireland. What this brand could do is create several boards that highlighted different areas of interest around Ireland. For instance they could create a board around visiting Dublin. On this board they could pin images of tourist attractions around Dublin for tourists to visit. By pinning 10,20, or even 30 different items to this board, the brand could be a one stop shop for tourists planning their trip to Dublin. This would be due to Pinterest users being able to take a look at the board and pick and choose not only what sites they want to see, but what order to see them, as they will appear on a map. For the tourism brand in Ireland they could create boards like this all over Ireland, and thus be an immense help to Pinners who are looking to travel to the Emerald Isle.

As mentioned above, Pinterest is the ultimate social media site when it comes to planning, so it makes complete sense that Place Pins would be an essential tool for any Pinterest user planning a trip. As a Pinner, say you are planning a trip to Ireland you could very well create a Pinterest board about your upcoming trip. This board would be utilized to curate places and ideas from which the user could plan out the exact trip that they want to go on. By utilizing the Place Pins they could see where on the map each place that they want to see is, how far apart, and what is feasible to see in the amount of time that they have.

With Pinterest users pinning places that they want to visit, Pinterest has hit a homerun with Place Pins and there is no reason for why your brand cannot benefit from that as well. Properly utilizing Place Pins can help brands grow their Pinterest presence, foster engagement, and most importantly, help Pinterest users plan the trips of their dreams.

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