Rich Pins Series Part II – Product Pins
April 2, 2014

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As a brand on any social media site, what is the end game? To put dollars in your pocket, to sell more of what you have than what you did before. Part II of our Rich Pins Series will take a look at Product Pins and how by properly utilizing these rich pins, your brand can directly increase revenue. Product Pins offer the ability to see pricing, availability, and where to buy for Pinterest users.

Pinterest users pin items that they like, items that they could see themselves wearing or buying or items they could utilize in their home or office. Product Pins allow for Pinterest to send out notifications once a day to pinners when products that they have pinned drop in price. As a brand there is now incentive to utilize product pins as users might be more inclined to directly purchase your product if they are receiving alerts about the price dropping.

Product Pin

Another benefit of Product Pins is that they allow for Pinners to see where the product can be purchased. This is an immense help as this extra information can drive Pinterest users to purchase items that they might otherwise feel are unavailable to them. The fact that the Pinner can access that information directly from the pin removes the step of having them search for where to purchase the item, and can bring immediacy to the purchase.

Finally, a third benefit to Product Pins is that they allow for the Pinterest user to see if the product is available. This is useful for the Pinner because they may not think that the item they have pinned is available anymore. This is useful for brands as well because if they see a specific item is being pinned repeatedly, they want to make sure that the item is available for purchase and not out of stock. Again, the goal of product pins for brands is to ease the ability for Pinterest users to pin your items and ultimately purchase them.

Overall, Product Pins are a great new tool that should be utilized by brands on Pinterest. As I stated above the ultimate goal for any brand when utilizing the social media space is to improve revenue. By properly utilizing Product Pins, a brand can not only improve the pins that they have on their Pinterest page, but also improves the user experience for the pinner as well. Product Pins are truly a win-win and a must have for any brand on Pinterest.

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