Rich Pins Series Part III – Recipe Pins
April 4, 2014

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Pinterest is a fantastic site for exploring new things, to gather new ideas, and to plan out future endeavors. One of the more popular pastimes of Pinterest users is to pin recipes that they think either look delicious, fancy, might want to try and make or any combination of those three. There are even blogs and websites such as that exist solely to showcase Pinterest users who have failed in attempts to recreate what they pinned. With Pinterest releasing Recipe Pins, these become a must for any brand in the food or beverage industry.

Take for example a campaign we just ran for General Mills. This campaign called for people to pin their favorite Chex Cereal recipes from a selected list that was on a Pinterest page. However, these pins were not Rich Pins, and therefore not Recipe Pins. The fantastic benefit of Recipe Pins is that they allow the pinner to see the ingredients necessary as well as the amount of time it takes to make, and the amount of people it will serve.

Recipe Pin

This is a game changer for any CPG brand. Think about this, you can pin images of fantastic food and the pin will include information regarding everything the Pinterest user needs to successfully recreate what they have pinned. Recipe Pins will allow for pinners to know exactly what they need to create the food item that they pinned, which makes it that much more likely that they will go ahead and take action on the recipe that they pinned. Think about it, if you are aware of every item required as well as how long it will take to make something, don’t you think that you will be more likely to create the dish? Versus that of not knowing what ingredients are involved and thus having to take extra steps in order to figure that out.

For the Pinterest user, Recipe Pins will become an extremely useful tool that allows them to take further action on the items that they are interested in making. Recipe Pins are truly a win-win for brands and consumers alike, and if used correctly by brands, can only further strengthen the bond between the consumer and the company. The ability to pin images that contain all the ingredients and time to make the recipe can only benefit brands in the food and beverage industry. Giving the consumer as much information as possible in one place will only improve the chances of them going out and physically purchasing the product and thus increasing revenue for the brand.

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