March 21, 2017

You’ve heard the saying “a picture is worth a 1,000 words”, right? In today’s increasingly visual world, that saying is truer than ever. Today’s consumer is accustomed to spending time online almost all day long. From their cell phone in the morning to their work computer to their laptop at home, your consumers probably spend a lot of their day interacting with the internet in some way.

That means that they’re probably constantly inundate with marketing schemes of some sort, including visual as well as textually based campaigns. In general, campaigns that have a visual element to them do far better than those that are strictly text. Let’s take a look at some of the statistics behind visual marketing, and how you can use them to better your marketing efforts this year.


Visual Content Increases Interest

Gaining a potential customer’s attention is only part of the battle. In order to effectively expand your customer base, it’s important to effectively keep their attention firmly on your brand and your campaign. One way to do this is by incorporating the use of visuals in your marketing strategy. According to recent research, colorful images can increase the likelihood of people actually reading your content by as much as 80%. That’s an incredible statistic, and the best part is that it’s not difficult to start using images if you don’t already do so. You don’t have to completely give up your written content – just consider using a hybrid of text and visual content.


Create Memorable Content

Just as images can encourage someone to stay and read a piece of written content they might otherwise skip, using pictures in your content campaign can also help them remember the information contained within. In fact, research has found that people who read content paired with a relevant image remembered up to 65% of the information they read even three days later! Compare that with readers who were able to recall only 10% of the information they read when it was not accompanied by a relevant image, and it’s clear that including visuals in your content is an important and effective way to keep readers informed and able to recall your brand and its content.


Make the Images Relevant

Images can make or break a piece of content. If you create a post and then include either no images or images that do not pertain to the subject at hand, you’re not likely to see much of an increase in views. If you take the time to find images that are relevant to your writing, however, then your content might receive as much as 94% more views than it otherwise might. The use of images is a great way to increase the number of people who are willing to look at your content, in other words, provided that you take the time to ensure that the images in question make sense given the context of your piece.


Images & Real Life

Have you ever seen a commercial for a fast food place, and the picture of the food was so appealing that you thought – even if just for a moment – that it looked delicious? Many people have, and it’s a testament to effectivity of images in marketing campaigns. Even once we know that the product we receive probably isn’t going to look as tasty as the commercial makes it seem, we’re still tempted to give the restaurant another shot once we see the promotional pictures they release.

The same is true for more than just food. What about that picture of a purse that tempts you to place an order immediately? Or the suit that looks impeccably tailored and would be sure to make you look amazing for your next meeting? These images make us willing to make purchases without even seeing the product in person – that’s how effective they are. You could have that kind of effectivity in your own marketing campaign! Begin some new habits and start incorporating images into your marketing today.

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Based in Silicon Valley, ShareRoot offers a software as a service (SaaS) platform that works with brands and digital agencies to easily find and source user generated content (UGC). ShareRoot’s proprietary, legally secure process allows for brands to obtain the legal rights to these images as well as display them in customizable galleries that can feature on any webpage. For more information about ShareRoot’s award winning platform and why it can truly help “Harness the Visual Power of your Consumers” please visit

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