Next level UGC — Connecting with Social Audiences

UGC Video Mashups and Facebook Video Banners


There are obvious benefits for companies to engage directly with customers across all social feeds. For some brands, republishing user generated content (UGC) on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter (and all social streams) is a powerful tactic to create authentic brand experiences for their targeted audiences. (Full Disclosure: At ShareRoot, we give brands tools to acquire user generated content, and to drive growth by maximizing User Generated Content exposure).




The results are quite staggering, in terms of both engagement and growth. It is clear that millennial audiences trust experienced consumers that they don’t know, even over friends and brands themselves.


Brands using ShareRoot UGC tools report among many other positive metrics, the following:

  • 86% of Millennials believe that UGC is a good indicator of a brand or product’s quality.
  • 51% of Millennials trust UGC more than anything on a company’s site, news articles or blogs about the company or product, or advertising copy.
  • Consumers between the ages of 25–54 create and share 70% of all UGC.
  • Brand engagement increases an average of 28% when users are exposed to a combination of user created product videos and professional content.

With those simple facts in mind, let’s look at the next new thing. At ShareRoot we are making ‘UGC Mash-up Videos’ for some of our favourite customers. And the results will blow your mind (as they did ours, and our clients StubHub and UCLA).


UGC Video mash-ups and Facebook Banners

Creating and promoting a UGC video mashup is one extremely effective tool that savvy brands are just beginning to use in the constant quest to connect with customers within the ubiquitous streams that permeate our lives.  Just check out our what our customers UCLA and Stubhub have done, cheaply and effectively (Both customers report unprecedented shares, likes and clickthroughs for each mash-up).




Pretty awesome, right!


Also we’ve created the UGC Video below for our friends at UCLA that they are using as their facebook banner, and other audience engagement purposes.









The video itself is an effective tool, for distribution and engagement on Insta, Facebook, Snap, Twitter and other streams.


And combining a UGC Mashup video with the facebook banners video feature adds some serious credibility for a brand and their perfect targeted audience:



UCLA has maximized their engagement with a Facebook Banner UGC Mashup!

Legal Risks?


There can be significant legal risks to doing it wrong. Many times Social Marketers do not share the same priorities and approach to ‘company voice’ as top executives, and particularly, the legal department. That’s why ShareRoot aims to simplify the UGC signoff process for companies, for all user content and data. We make it really easy to be sure your company has the rights to content, and to manage those rights.


What is user generated content, and how do we do it? User generated content includes all user data, text, hashtags, images, videos and other content. ShareRoot makes it really simple to license that content from users, and to build and distribute artefacts from that content. If you use ShareRoot products, you can be sure that your users agree, and want to engage with your brand. It’s the easiest way to build trust with, and grow, your audience.


Maximum Rewards

We build all of our products with your brand in mind. And the rights of your users. We want to make it really easy to respect user rights. So that your company can maximize user engagement on all channels, without having to worry about the legal risks.

Do it right!

Be certain. Use ShareRoot. Always get Consent.  If your brand would like a UGC Video Mashup please sign up here.



ShareRoot has developed several powerful products that help brands engage with social audiences. Please check out our SocialWall, UseThisPic and UGC Video Mashups. Also, our MediaConsent platform is in beta — would you like to join? Be in touch.





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