Audience Engagement - Resonating with your perfect customer



So much of our lives happens in our social streams.  Even our politics, purchases and brand connectivity are now predominantly within our social feeds.


Breaking through the noise to connect with your target audience(s) takes a special kind of skillset, and toolkit.   Some brands seem to always get it just right, and other brands are sometimes seen to take cringeworthy missteps.  The resulting ‘engagement’ successes and fails with audiences, and on the bottom line, are real and palpable.





Free Tools!

There are a number of ‘audience engagement' tools available to social marketers presently.   There are a slew of great twitter tools. @rrhoover recently released an awesome ProductHunt listing 15 of them, called Tweet Tweet.


There are also a lot of great tools to ‘better understand’ your audience. One of those tools is the Buffer (which enables great timing of your posts, and their Pablo app that enables great visuals), and they constantly talk about other great ‘audience insights’ tools on their blog.


In this guest blogpost, Alex Manthei formerly with @Mention (another amazing tool) gives 5 awesome methods and 15 even awesomer tools to build your community (including Intercom).


We are constantly looking at tools to better understand our own audience. We’ve developed what we like to call a UGC System.  The ShareRoot platform aggregates, requests, and displays user generated photos and videos – and it doesn't take a social wizard to work it.  We try to make it really easy to connect with your perfect customer, in their own voice and intonation.


Connectivity Superpowers

We like to think of UGC as a social super-power that should be used in conjunction with other social tools and systems.  Well-positioned UGC cuts through clutter, and can instantly resonate with your target customer.  The right UGC post or mash-up sparks instant connectivity, and the results are demonstrable, in click-through’s, purchases and audience growth. 


The numbers are staggering. Brands that use UGC (and the ShareRoot UGC Platform) report numerous demonstrative benefits in brand connectivity including:

  • Increased website and social engagement

  • Growth in social communities for fans

  • An approachable and trustworthy brand

  • Authentic, fresh content

  • “Better understanding of our audience”

  • Helps increase conversion rates and sales


In fact, our friends at Buffer recently published the following metrics around UGC, in their "2018 Social Trends Report":


  • User-generated content featuring a brand drove seven times higher engagement than brand-generated Facebook posts

  • Respondents of the same survey trust images from other consumers seven times more than ads

  • Fifty-six percent of the respondents are more likely to buy a product after seeing a positive customer-generated post of it



Our customers just love it when their customers share photos of themselves with the brand, and videos and other content.  Done right (with the proper legal and releases), our clients that have solicited and found good User Generated Content can be use- and re-use these valuable experiences – since we lock down the legal, in a way that makes everyone in the company confident, and leaving customers with warm and fuzzy feelings toward the brand.


Its simple, we think.  It just comes down to respect. 


We try to build respect right into our products.  Respect for customers, respect for their rights, and respect for the data. And respect for the power of connectivity.


Let your audience speak for you

Our SocialWall product enables your brand to find and use user generated content, with our SocialWall.  We also enable your company to lock-down legal rights, and licensing, with our ‘UsemyPic’.




And now, we enable curation and creation of UGC Video Mash-ups.  These are particularly powerful – just check out how UCLA and StubHub use them.


Contact Us Today

ShareRoot is the most legally secure UGC platform on the market, and it is the only platform that automates the legal agreement process for acquiring rights to user photos. If legal is a major concern hindering your UGC efforts, contact us today to learn how you can quickly legally access rights to user generated content.





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