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In anticipation of the upcoming movie The Way Way Back, a new comedy from the studio that brought you Little Miss Sunshine and Juno, we invite you to share with us your own awkward vacation photos! Dust off your old photos and give us the most awkward vacation moment you've had with your friends or family. Submit your entry and get as many of your friends and followers to repin and like your entry on Pinterest. We will shoot you an email once your entry has been accepted, so don't forget to keep an eye out for it, and share the link to your pin with as many people as possible. The participant with the most repins and likes wins a $500 Visa gift card!!!

The Way Way Back opens in theaters nationwide this July 5th! Check out the trailer and get your tickets now: http://bit.ly/11S4Sou

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   182 repins & 181 likes

In Gatlinburg traveling down on a trail from a waterfall, my 16 year old son decides to "FLIP" over this railing moments after I snapped his picture sitting on this railing and warning him to get off of it! It was very awkward not to mention hilarious! // cathy M. #TheWayWayBack #PinToWin

   140 repins & 128 likes

We were visiting family in Eastern Washington. My Uncle gave us a tour of the jail & we walked into a cell & saw this..very gross & awkward. he looked embarrassed as he thought it had been cleaned up since no one was in it // debbie N. #TheWayWayBack #PinToWin

   90 repins & 107 likes

This is my awkward vacation photo because I'm just standing there while my friends are in a group talking. // Kenny F. #TheWayWayBack #PinToWin

   95 repins & 77 likes

Several drinks later…. // Laurie S. #TheWayWayBack #PinToWin

   6 repins & 11 likes

What happens Up North stays Up North? The three wives were wondering what really goes on during their drill weekends… I had manage to take a photo of the guys just at the right time and the placement of the hands had us laughing for hours. The 6 of us (three couples) were spending a weekend together before these three guys deployed out. // Michelle N. #TheWayWayBack #PinToWin

   8 repins & 7 likes

While on our honeymoon, we went into a retail store and my husband decided to jump on an exercise bike! // Amber C. #TheWayWayBack #PinToWin

   8 repins & 5 likes

Trying to be sexy for the wives! // Leah J. #TheWayWayBack #PinToWin

   7 repins & 6 likes

"Is there room in there for me?" Giraffe stuck his head inside the car window. I couldn't believe his neck stretched that far. // Tricia F. #TheWayWayBack #PinToWin

   5 repins & 6 likes

My first vacation EVER with my daughter and me with Elvis. This is extremely awkward because Elvis' stiff, razor sharp hair was poking me in the side of the head the entire time. I was just trying to keep it away from my eyes to keep from being blinded. #TheWayWayBack #PinToWin // Sherry G. #TheWayWayBack #PinToWin

   2 repins & 7 likes

This is the most awkward family vacation photo, because we were not ready for the picture. One of our eyes were closed, we were looking in the wrong direction and talking. Just awkward and off guard. We had fun though. // Tyra S. #TheWayWayBack #PinToWin