Why Second-Degree Followers Matter
September 6, 2013


It is the goal of every brand to have a message parleyed out to their consumers, and then in turn have those consumers turn around and spread the message to those that they are in contact with. It is why on Twitter the retweet is so highly sought after, and it is also why on Pinterest, your second-degree followers matter. It’s not that they matter, it is that they matter A LOT. As a brand, you want the pins you post on your board to be repinned by those that are following you. With second-degree followers, you are able to measure out the potential amount of Pinterest users who might see any pin that you post.

We here at ShareRoot understand that it is not just about getting your message across to the people that follow you, but getting that message across to the people that follow your followers. It is why we take the time to measure second-degree followers, and are taking the time to explain to you why these Pinterest users are essential to the success of your brand’s Pinterest page.

On Pinterest, where the goal of a brand is to connect with consumers, it would be logical to want to connect with consumers who have a high follower base. By connecting with these highly followed individuals, and getting them to repin what you post, a brand will be able to see their message reach a significantly larger portion of the Pinterest population.

Take for example, a Competitor Engagement Report (ShareRoot would be more than happy to provide one for your brand at your request) done for Kraft Recipes. For this competitor engagement report, ShareRoot evaluated not only Kraft Recipe’s Pinterest page, but also that of allrecipes.com, a competitor of Kraft’s.

When we evaluated the two brands (see graphic below) it became apparent that while Kraft had fewer followers about 70% that of allrecipes.com, comparatively they had even less second degree followers — around 41% that of allrecipes.com. This is due to the fact that Kraft's followers, had on average, a smaller follower base than those that follow allrecipes.com. What this means is that if Kraft is able to increase their total follower base to that of allrecipes.com it is very possible that the could still have less than half the number of second degree followers making it very difficult to get the same amount of virality.

Second-Degree Follower Metrics

So it is important to note that while as a brand you want to accumulate (and interact!) followers for your Pinterest page and boards, it is ESSENTIAL, that you are making sure to target those that will champion your brand to their own large follower bases.

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